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20+ Back-to-School Activities that World Language Teachers Love!

During our recent giveaway, we posed a question: What is your favorite back- to- school activity? And the responses were plenty! As someone who struggles with back-to-school activities, I was very appreciative of the ideas, suggestions, and routines shared, and I’d like to share them with you! Some teachers shared links to activities on Teacherspayteachers, so those links are provided as well!

School Tour CI Style!

One of the beginning of the year activities I did last year was a school orientation with my freshman students. I distributed the sheet below, and took them to places around the school, describing each on in the target language. Later, once we reconvened, students talked about what each place was. Most, if not all, of my students where very excited to have learned some new words and feel accomplished the very first day of school. If you have attended any of my workshops, you know this is my go-to activity! I made this based on the characteristics of my school, but you can do something similar with your school environment.

Click here for link (example):

¡Qué interesante!

This is another favorite activity for level 1 students who have had not had experience with the language.

How does it work? I simply distribute some information about learning Spanish. If can be an article on Bilingualism, or countries where Spanish is spoken. Click here is an example of such an article. The article is in English. Students read and make a note of three facts that took them by surprise. They go around the class and using two structures only: Yo aprendí (I learned) and a rejoinder, they share out with the class. So, I usually have two- three rejoinders on the board that they can pull from:

Many teachers shared how they loved doing Personal Interviews, this is one of my favorites as well. Click here for my resource on Personal Interviews, which is two personal interviews, listening activity, writing, reading & speaking.

Free download Back-to-school download for easing back into the year. Click here for resource. I have done these activities for the past years with my level 4 students, and they have been a hit. The first one is the “devuelve el tiempo” activity wherein students transport themselves back in time to their part day of the summer. They explain what they see, feel, hear, smell, etc (as if they are there in the moment). I do an example with a picture from my summer vacation and then we’re off! The second one is called; La farándula. Students share celebrity news/gossip, ets. This is normally where I find out about the newly minted summer celebrity relationship and messy break-ups. The only problem is that I can’t get them to stop talking! 

LAS COSAS QUE ME GUSTAN A Mí IS A SHORT AND ENGAGING COMIC based on the characters from Spanish CI Reader: La clase de confesiones. The two characters, Carlos and Sofía are friends and talk about their likes and interests. Although this activity features many cognates, students will be able to easily guess the meaning of non-cognates words by their context. The communicative nature of this task makes it a perfect complement to “SPECIAL PERSON INTERVIEW.” It includes a reading, speaking, writing, and listening activity.

BTS dialogue activity and story. Ideal for level 2. Great review activity.

See some of my other “Go-to” activities below!

What did teachers on Twitter choose as their most engaging BTS activity? See the list below!

Links to the activities mentioned: This Is Us activity mentioned by Tarafarah7 is listed below:

Click here for link!

Click here for link!

Comprendes Mendez Spanish Shop was mentioned, so I am included the activity below. She has a BTS Regreso a Clase Comerciales Bundle. Check it out here!

Teachers also mentioned activities. You can check out her shop here. Also, her famed, “Find someone who” activity can be accessed here: Find someone who…

Did you know that I write short stories as well? Check out my Dreaming In Spanish Story Bundle below!

Click here to preview the “Dreaming in Spanish Ebook Bundle”

Here are some of my other favorite activities to use in the class:

El profesor estudioso (free on TPT)

Click here for link!

“El profesor estudioso” is a short story for Spanish beginners. The story is told in the present tense, highlighting mostly -ar verbs in the first person. It is about a teacher, who is also a student. I used this short story with my Spanish 1 students who were learning verb conjugations. 

This resource comes with: 
1. Verb chart to practice writing first person of -ar verbs 
2. Short story that incorporates the verbs from the chart 
3. Comprehension questions 
4. Short sequencing activity.

All About Me Activities

Click here for link! This one will go well with those who like to do personal interviews. Students pick up a lot of vocabulary through the dialogue.

This All about me/Interview with Ainhoa activity blends together tons of relevant cognates (programa, persona famosa, celebridad, música, etc), common structures such as ser, gustar and basic verbs in Spanish, with cultural information (Spanish superstars, food, school) all in a short dynamic interview. 

Ainhoa, who is actually from Pamplona, talks about her favorite music, programs, classes, books, and hobbies. Students have several pre and post activities to engage them on different levels: 

1. Vocabulary list with most words from the interview 
2. Information gap activity: students plug in the words from the list 
3. Interview: students read silently first, and then read with a partner
4. Mini-lesson possessive adjectives as students respond to questions about Ainhoa (no more writing “tu película favorita” for a third party).
5. Comprehension questions 
6. Students use the structures and vocabulary then to discuss their interests
7. Interview a partner with the same activity 
8. Venn Diagram- compare and contrast with Ainhoa. 

Free ” Todo sobre mí” activity

Click here for freebie (level 2+)

What are your favorite back-to-school activities? Please send me the link if you have one or made one and I will include on this post!


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