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Thank you for visiting!  This is a place to share resources, activities, ideas for empowering students! In my 18 years of service, I have taught IB Middle School, High school Spanish, Dual-Credit and college level Spanish (and literature). I am passionate about language acquisition, diversifying the curriculum, and equity.

In fact, I was the recipient of the AATSP DEI award in 2022, a distinction I treasure.I am grateful to be in a position to share my expertise with the greater WL professional community!

Novels and resources by A.C. Quintero 

Seeking to make even more of an impact, I started crafting Comprehensible Input novels 5 years ago! At the time I started to write, there were very few books with characters of color having cool adventures, or just living their lives apart from racialized narrative. Yearning to bring more joyful stories to the WL library, I decided to plant my seeds in hopes to change that landscape. And I did; one book at a time. I wrote “La clase de confesiones” not knowing the impact and reaction it would have. Many teachers appreciated the funny and light stories that were enjoyable for all students.

Turning point

When I start meeting teachers who shared with me how their students felt seen, I kept writing! Today, I have written over 10 novels multi-genre novels with a diverse cast of characters. The topics range from a classroom crush, the friend zone, the volatile mixture of teens and technology, and aliens trying to take over the world. These novels, all written comprehensibly for Spanish, French, and German (limited) have drama-drenched stories that will immediately hook teens (see reviews on Amazon).

Thankfully, other companies have joined me as I try to change the landscape of CI novels. My literary partners are listed below!

A.C. Quintero Literary Partners!

Wayside Publishing

Teacher’s Discovery

CI Bookshop Europe

Command Performance Language Institute

Writing novels is not my only forte, I love creating short stories, and resources to facilitate language acquisition. Check out my eclectic TeachersPayTeachers resources below.

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