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El mensaje: New Reader for Level 2 Spanish Class

I am happy to announce the newest addition to the A.C. Quintero collection of novels: El mensaje. The novel delves into issues related to teen life, especially their obsession with their phones, and penchant to believe everything they see. This novel is perfect for FVR or a thematic unit with a relationship/technology focus. In addition to an engaging storyline, students can look forward to the following:

-Present tense with a spattering of past tense phrases (Novice High/Low Intermediate range)

-Spanish-speaking countries and capitals (relevant to the storyline)

– Vocabulary related to geography, technology, relationships & family

-A little bit of poetry from our overly dramatic protagonist

Synopsis (see preview below)

Adán’s life is turned upside down when he gets an unexpected and  heart-wrenching text message from a friend. It is a text about his beloved girlfriend, and it’s not pretty. At first, Adán does not think much of the text, as he knows students love to spread rumors and gossip. He would rather focus on his upcoming test on the capitals of Spanish-speaking countries than indulge in petty high school drama. But  as he considers the last few days talking to Fiona, a startling picture starts to emerge. Why has she been incredibly secretive and avoiding him like the plague? Adán tries to keep his cool. So, instead of going into full panic mode, he hatches a plan. He may be risking everything to uncover the truth, but he knows that the truth will set him free. Will it be worth it? 

Synopsis in Spanish!

Teaching Materials will be available late August. 

This book is available on:  

Click here to go to Amazon:

Click here for preview

Click here for preview

Novels and Resources by A.C. Quintero 


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