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Cyber Monday TPT Sale! End the Year with Calm!

Teaching Spanish Easy is having a sale! I have been adding new resources to my store, and this is just a preview!

Trailblaze into Language (Kia London) and I got you covered with teaching Christmas traditions in Guinea Ecuatorial (you can get this reading separate from the bundles).

Don’t forget to download the Gente de Zona Freebie Forever resource!


September Sale!

Teaching Spanish Made Easy is having a sale on August 2nd and 3rd!

Looking for resources to ease into teaching this upcoming new school year? Well, I’ve got you covered! Check out the resources grouped by themes below. I am sure you’ll find something compelling, engaging, and most important, timely and efficient! I will be adding more time-saving activities in September as well so if you want seconds… no one’s judging ya! Don’t miss the FREEBIE alerts tucked in below.

What: Teachers Pay Teachers is having a Back To School Sale!

When: 8/2/22-8/3/22

How can I save? Use BTS22 to sweeten the discount deal!

New Eye-Candy: Hot Off The Press! 

El activismo de los jóvenes (New!)

This resource focuses on the life and activism of Mari Copeny. In addition to learning about her life, students will get an opportunity to become mini-activists in their communities through a guided and scaffolded call to action. This informational text is perfect for a unit on superheroes, activism, and global challenges in the lower levels. The text features both present (majority) and past tense, which is perfect for Novice-mid-high students. Click below to see the preview!

Datos interesantes sobre el español (New!)

I have always wanted to create this resource for my students, and this summer I finally got around to it! This informational text includes bits and pieces of the origin story of the Spanish language with comparisons to other Romance languages. This is a text I am using to ground my students in declarative knowledge about cognates, which I rely on heavily throughout the year to ease language learning.

Los desafíos educativos (this was such a hit with my students!)

Sometimes, we avoid complex topics with lower-level (Spanish 1-2) students due to the complicated nature of the language. However, this resource levels the “learning field” will prioritizing access to authentic problems, resources, in comprehensible Spanish. Your students will learn about educational challenges around the world. This mini-unit comes equipped with informational texts, pictures, videos, listening activities, writing, and speaking opportunities. Engage students with global challenges of our world in the lower-level class, why wait?

Freebie Alert!

This FREEBIE can totally be an exercise on expressing gratitude!

Tengo Mucho

This resource provides mileage with the verb tener and the use of articles. It provides students with an intuitive explanation and step-by-step guidance on how to use articles with gendered nouns. Most importantly, students get to put learning into practice!

Getting-to-Know- Activities, with a hidden “incidental learning” agenda

Beginning of the year “Getting-to-Know-You activities

Dialogue for students (Novice-Mid)

Qué nervios resource is a great way to review Spanish 1 vocabulary and structures from the very first day. It takes a load of pressure off of students because they don’t have to “recreate” language. They just follow the dialogue.


Todo sobre mí (freebie for all levels)

This is one of my favorite activities and it has been revamped! There are a plethora of low-stakes questions students answer about their preferences. I actually use this as part of my “Personal Interviews” arsenal in Spanish IV.

Entrevista con Ainhoa (Novice-mid). I actually use these resources to incidentally teach new vocabulary words. This is based on an interview. As students read or act out the dialogue/interview. They are invariably exposed to new vocabulary words that are contextualized. There are several follow-up activities.

Gracias is a short story about a boy from Venezuela who leaves his country for Colombia. He has mixed feelings on the first day of school but is pleasantly surprised by the generosity of his classmates and teacher. This is a great resource to use to talk about both school supplies, empathy, immigration, and belongingness. It’s one of my favorites!

Dreaming in Spanish Bundle- a plethora of stories (and activities) for a vast variety of gustos!

En la papelería (Two young girls in a Papelería in Bogotá do something extraordinary!)

Los desafíos educativos (this was such a hit with my students!)

Students will learn about educational challenges around the world. This mini-unit comes equipped with informational texts, pictures, videos, listening activities, writing, and speaking. Engage students in global challenges in the lower-level class, why wait?


Listening activity: School supplies

Eva is the new girl at school and talks about her classes and teachers.

The first step is to email me (! I have sales and deals on my website for teachers, like me, who have to spend their own cash sometimes. If that is not a possibility, consider the resources below!

La clase de confesiones prequel comic strip! Students do not need to read the book to enjoy this activity (only $2)

The video is on Youtube and the resource for this video is on Teacherspayteachers.

Frida Kahlo

Epsy Campbell- first Afro-Latina Vice President of Costa Rica

Francia Márquez Mina- First Afro-Colombian Vice President of Colombia

Vanessa Mendoza

Yoel Romero Mixed Martial Arts Fighter (Cuba)

Celia Cruz

Los adolescentes de hoy en día (Daily routines, relationships, family)

La obsesión digital (A family’s addiction to technology is challenged when the grandmother comes to visit)

Mi vida es un drama total (Reflexives verbs, routines, school, framily, hobbies, dreams)

Amaya visita México (Amaya visits Mexico. Her adventures help her to overcome some deep rooted fears).

I hope these resources will help you to have a great start to the school year!

Novels and Resources by A.C. Quintero

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A.C. Quintero Literary Partners!

Fluency Matters

Teacher’s Discovery

Command Performance Language Institute

Teaching Spanish Made Easy (TPT) Catalog

Are you a teacher in the Trenches? We have a group for you!



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