Level 3/4 Novels and Resources: Spanish

Medellín, Colombia

  Spanish Level 3+ 

    El Último Viaje

Students love stories where social and moral conflicts abound, this is one such story. This engaging story will grab your students from the very first page. They will be on the edge of their seats as they live through the shoes of a young model who has the world on her shoulders. El Último Viaje is based on true events and is a story that teaches about decisions, forgiveness, and hope. 

 As a design student, Valeria wants to play an intricate part of the vibrant, colorful, international fashion, and modeling industry in Medellín, Colombia. Her beauty is her passport, and her connections catapult to new heights. Adrenaline, ambition, and adventure drive her thirst for success. As glitz and glam steal her heart, her core values are challenged. Life takes some unexpected turns, and Valeria encounters detours that lead to different paths. Each path has its own set of risks. There comes a time where we each have to choose our own destiny. How will Valeria choose?

What are the themes this novel highlights? 

In addition to the high-frequency vocabulary, and relatable storyline, this novel could interest students as it highlights: 

  • The history and some aspects of the culture of Colombia 
  • The artwork of Fernando Botero 
  • Fashion and Modeling Culture of Medellín
  • A meaty moral and social conflict 
  • Travel
  • Relationships 
  • Crime (related to the main plot). 

Fame and fortune as a price that few of us should be willing to pay…

*This novel is part of VocesDigital by Teacher’s Discovery and A.C. Quintero. 


Diego Ojeda (Bogotá) and Diego Cuadros (Medellín) made significant contributions to the cultural elements highlighted in the story. 

   El Escape

Get ready for adventure with a cautionary twist! Federico and his friends have a pretty simple life. They love to play basketball, soccer and go skateboarding at the park. They also love to go to their favorite hangout out, La librería Curioso: the only abandoned building left in town. This space gives them the privacy they need to practice pranks and other hilarious stunts to upload to Youtube. But the night of Friday the 13, their jokes go sour. While shooting the breeze and popping firecrackers, they stumble upon an uncanny situation. In an effort to satisfy their curiosity, they witness something will change their lives forever. Now the boys have to escape the situation, alive. 

El Escape is an action-packed novel from beginning to end. The main character and his friends record something that they should not have, and now they are on the run! Lots of twists and turns. Your girls will be intrigued, but your boys will love this story!

*There is a little bit of violence (the scene observed by the main characters).

Federico and his friends can run, but can they outsmart the bad guys? Find out in El Escape

Series for Language Learners 

Warning, your students won’t want to put these book down! #Readresponsibly

Las Apariencias Engañan

We have all heard the old adage “If you play with fire, you’ll get burned.” Well, some teenagers like to test the flames. Camilo is one of them. He has been masquerading as a model young man. However, his act can only last so long. His mask starts to crack, his foundation crumbles, and the fire he has played with begins to burn. However, he’s not the only one entangled in a web of lies and his secret is only the tip of the iceberg. Once inside the halls of his home, we discover a far greater mystery that has haunted the town for years. As the truth comes closing in, the pressure mounts and Camilo must decide which path to take. This compelling story attests to the timeless truth that things are never what they seem, or “Las Apariencias Engañan.”

Your students may hate Camilo, but they’ll LOVE THE novel! This novel is…

  • Intriguing 
  • Suspenseful
  • Mysterious 
  • Comprehensible
  • Ripe with teen drama 

If this novel is not enough..check out the sequel below. All the secrets you learn about in Las Apariencias Engañan, start marching out the closet one by one.

El Armario 

(Skeletons in the Closet)

El Armario is the sequel “Las Apariencias engañan.”However, it can be read as a standalone novel. All the critical aspects of part 1 were skillfully interwoven into the novel. But, we shouldn’t deprive students of all the juicy drama of part 1! Liliana has bitten off more than she can chew and her secret life has spiraled out of control.   Liliana, however, is far from being the sole keeper of bones: someone has a secret darker than hers. While at a “friend’s” house, Liliana stumbles upon perplexing discoveries…the kind for which people may kill. Time is running out and Liliana must make a decision. For every decision, there is a trail of consequences. Liliana will soon discover that everyone’s closet holds skeletons…but some bones are bigger than others! 

Las sombras

Andrés is throwing the party of the century! But, it is quickly upstaged by the weird, mysterious, and threatening events taking place in the forest surrounding his house. Dark clouds blanket the sky and an ominous atmosphere grips the town of Buena Vista. Secrets are peeled by back layer by layer, exposing sinister plots soaked in paranormal activity…and this is only the beginning. When a high school student is murdered and another disappears it’s no wonder the residents of Buena Vista are on edge!

No one feels the anguish more than Andrés and his friends. Confused, helpless, and torn apart by betrayal, will they be able to look past their rivalries in order to solve the unfolding mysteries? The answers to their questions may be found in the trail of clues left behind, clues that will only be discovered if they work together and look hard enough.

Las Sombras: Corre y No Mires Atrás is a page-turning, supernatural, thrill-seeking adventure that will entertain each reader and keep them begging for more!