Level 2 Novels and Resources: Spanish

Spanish Level 2+ 

    “Cómo Salir de la Zona de Amigos” 

Most of your students will be able to relate to this story. What happens when you start developing feelings for your best friend? “Cómo Salir de la Zona de Amigos,” may just have the answer! 

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We’ve all been there. We have an amazing friend, who knows everything about us. We do everything together. We even finish each other’s sentences. It’s crazy! Then, one day, while harmlessly hanging out and laughing at each other’s jokes, something shifts. Our eyes glisten and our heart jumps. We are helplessly swept away by the wave of attraction. Before we know it, we are head over heels in love, but hopelessly stuck in the friend zone! Lena and Tristan can definitely relate! They are best friends, video game enthusiasts, and running buddies who explore the beautiful city of Bogotá, Colombia. But when their relationship starts to change, they realize that are in uncharted waters. They’d make the perfect pair but must fight a few uphill battles. Will their lifelong friendship help or hinder any chance of romance? Find out in “Cómo Salir de la Zona de Amigos”…you may learn a few things!

What are the themes this novel highlights? 

In addition to the high-frequency vocabulary, and relatable storyline, this novel could interest students as it highlights: 

  • Friendships 
  • Unrequited Love
  • Conflicted Relationships
  • Friend zone
  • Coming of Age 
  • Dealing with a range of emotions 
  • Health and Wellness