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Good Trouble Bundle-CI Books Featuring Characters of Color

The Good Trouble Bundle features 4 books, featuring all Black or Afro-Latinx characters who have their own life adventures. I wrote these books for a variety of reasons, but one very important to me is that we can’t have all books about people of color focused on trauma and pain. I seek to balance that equation, and these books are a start!

It was very important that these characters live their human experience and range of emotions, whether it be a classroom crush (Confesiones), losing a basketball game and then questioning your self-worth and ethnic identity (La pasajera misteriosa), seeing a text message that throws or your day (El mensaje) or sabotaging your chances with your classroom crush (Bella Mentira). All relatable, and most importantly, they are written comprehensible language that is accessible for your students!

1. Clase de confesiones (Also available in French and German)

Set in a school, this novel tells the story of a student (Carlos), who has a classroom crush. While his crush is initially secret, his teacher gets wind of his love interest, and then intervenes! But, Carlos is not the only one who has been pierced by cupid’s arrow. Many students have their own confessions…even the teacher!

2. Bella mentira (Spanish/French)Your favorite characters from La clase de confesiones are back at it again. Only this time the stakes are higher!

The second installment of the series, ups the ante, for everyone. This novel can be read as a standalone, or as the continuation of the series. The novel is written in such a way that students won’t skip a beat in this drama-filled story. Carlos’ secret is out, but he makes even a bigger mistake. Now, it’s all about damage control. The main character struggles with being honest and showing vulnerability, but all is not lost. An assignment in Spanish class may have the key to all his woes! And he may make his biggest confession yet!

3. La pasajera misteriosa

Xavier is recovering from a major social embarrassment, and it weighs on him heavily. However, that isn’t the only battle he’s fighting. His problems are getting bigger and his enemies are multiplying. He feels trapped and is slowly losing his ability to manage it all.

A trip to Hawaii could provide a chance for him to get away and reset, but trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes. He meets a girl on their shared flight, and he’s immediately intrigued by her mysterious nature; a mystery that will deepen as they land in paradise. How will this chance encounter his life? What obstacles and opportunities lie ahead? The adventure awaits you in “La pasajera misteriosa.”

4. El mensaje

“There a reason why the phone should remain in airplane mode in the classroom.”

Adán’s life is turned upside down when he gets an unexpected and  heart-wrenching text message from a friend.  It is a text about his beloved girlfriend, and it’s not pretty. At first, Adán does not think much of the text, as he knows students love to spread rumors and gossip. He would rather focus on his upcoming test on the capitals of Spanish-speaking countries, than indulge in petty high school drama. But as he considers the last few days talking to Fiona, a startling picture starts to emerge. Why has she been incredibly secretive and avoiding him like the plague? Adán tries to keep his cool. So, instead of going into full panic mode, he hatches a plan. He may be risking everything to uncover the truth, but he knows that the truth will set him free. Will it be worth it?

My newest edition to the Quintero Family!

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Who am I?

*Recipient of AATSP DEI Award 2022

*Spanish Teacher (public school)



*Cat Mom!

I am currently a Spanish Teacher in Chicago, IL.  I have 18 years of cumulative experience as an International Baccalaureate middle school teacher, high school teacher, and adjunct instructor. I hold a Master’s in Latin American Literature and Cultures coupled with a Master’s in Educational Leadership. These dual degrees have afforded me a vantage point from both ends of the educational spectrum: instruction and evaluation.  I have been sharing my unique perspective on pedagogy and language acquisition for over ten years at national, regional and state conferences. I am also an accomplished author! I have  authored several compelling comprehensible novels that allow students to solidify their language skills while experiencing a wide range of different cultures. Check out my resources below. Thanks for stopping by!

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