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Freebie: Information Gap Weekend Chat Activity| Spanish 1+

Admittedly, I am patting myself on the back this Sunday. Why you might ask? Because this is the first time I stayed at school, bit the proverbial bullet to get my post-break plan in formation (the day prior to break). I have spent little to no time during these two weeks tweaking lessons. And even harder still, was actually, not reworking what I had already done.

We have a special schedule tomorrow, and I am thoroughly prepared. This freebie is one of my tools in my power box: Weekend chat. I am not the originator of this idea, in fact, I have learned from my teachers in the WL community. This is simply my twist for my unique bunch of students.

That said, Weekend Chat is a perfect way for teachers to introduce, reinforce or review common structures in the target language. Not to mention, it promotes movement and lively conversation, which is the heartbeat of world language class. 

I created this present activity to provide some sentence stems for my level 1 students, who have not fully encountered the past tense (a smattering here and there).

My plan of action is below. 

Click here to Download Freebie!

  • Invite students to guess what each word means (using the pictures). My students love making inferences, so this should be fun. I might even turn it into a game!
  • Invite them to fill out the information for themselves. I tried to include activities that would cover the gamut. For instance, everyone probably has talked to someone at some point during the weekend, or break. Circulate around the room and share what they did with other students. I will add questions for the next time. Right now it’s about identifying the word, sharing our activities and creating community. 
  • If needed, provide students with this Quizlet list. 

I will most likely add to this activity in the future. However, the next time we engage in weekend chat (twice a month), I will add questions for students to ask. This way, after a few times, they will have become proficient in the basic structure before more concentrated input takes place. 

Please enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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