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Gente de Zona Super 7 Verb Activity

I am currently teaching level 1 Spanish (this in October!), and we’ve just wrapped up some short activities on working on the Super 7 verbs. In order to bridge acquisition friendly techniques such as meaningful and quality repetitions with the constructivist learning aspect of teaching, I did the following to prepare students: 

  • Modeled Super 7 verbs and asked students what they thought each verb meant. For example, I wrote “gusta”  on the board and said “Me gusta la pizza” while rubbing my stomach. Chorally, students responded “like” and we added to our list. 
  • We reviewed the list compiled, and then I had a student volunteer for story time. I asked the student questions in English (novice low) and as she responded, I described her on the board. See the picture below of a student who volunteered. I renamed her Sally. 
  • Students helped me fill in the blanks. 
  • I provided students with this Quizlet list to add some interactivity to the lesson (additional words were added for other purposes)
  • Introduced students to the Group Gente de Zona Slide Deck and well as this one by Dr. Stacey M. Johnson. You can follow her @staceymargarita and listen to her podcast at @weteachlang!
  • We did a little singing and dancing (with only part of the song).
  • Students responded to the questions on the musical preference sheet (included in link below)
  • They met in groups to talk about their preferences with the verb gusta (I haven’t taught it formally yet, but they have used it quite a bit so far).
  • They shared out as a class. I do award communication points. See rubric below (also included in resource): 
    • 5 puntos= I responded correctly in a complete sentence.
    • “Me gusta la música rap”
    • 3 puntos= I responded correctly to the question with 1-2 words. 
    • “música rap”
    • 1 punto= I responded to the question in English 
    • “I like rap music”–8664957

Additional ideas

  • 4 fours with musical preference or artists
  • Simple sí o no response to questions
  • Introduce “ Mi canción favorita es…”

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