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Cultural Appropriation or Celebration? Mini-Unit for Spanish Class

In preparation for the film Ocho apellidos vascos, students are learning about stereotypes, cultural appropriation, Basque culture, and the culture of Southern Spain, which includes Flamenco. This brought us to discuss Rosalía, her music, and accusations against her style as appropriation. Many times, students hear terms thrown around (such as “that’s racist) and do not fully grasp what it means. For this reason, we are exploring these terms prior to the movie so we can aptly identify them in fiction and in real life. 

Essentially the mini-unit has several different parts- all outlined in the lesson plan:

  • Pictures of celebrities connected to the theme
  • CNN en español article on cultural appropriation & questions
  • Slide deck used for some parts of the mini-unit
  • Video links
  • Two texts on Rosalía (glossed)
  • Video and questions on the history and culture of flamenco

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