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Feliz Año Nuevo: Starting the New Year With el pie derecho. Activities & Games to Get them talking in Spanish Class!


Help your student make New Year goals and resolutions, easy peasy! This new freebie has built in supports that will streamline ideas. Each section of the activity builds on the prior one, helping students to gradually grasp each aspect, and write fully comprehensible sentences. I used this as sub plans last year, and we reviewed in class. I was very intrigued by their creativity!

Click here for the free resource!!!

Go deeper on New Year’s Resolution! This new resource at Your Fingertips: No te metas con mis metas. Check out the full description here. This resource combines comprehensible reading with practicality.

No te metas con mis metas is a New Year goal-setting activity for level 2 or beyond. In addition to providing step-by-step goal-writing prompts, students will learn about the importance of making goals with a good dose of interesting compelling input and graphics to keep them engaged. 

Ideas for Starting the Year! Let The Good Times Roll!

The first day back was smooth sailing, however, I was a tired teacher by the end of the day! Like most of you, I was planning the run-of-the-mill first day back activities to capture the excitement of a New Year.

In an effort to engage my students visually, I created a video to highlight my activities during the winter break. Initially, I reasoned that we could kill two birds with one stone: A video would provide substantial input in a creative format; we could also review those high-frequency structures. Then it hit me like a ton bricks… why don’t I have them create their own personal slide show of how they spent winter break?! So I did! The content below outlines my New Year’s lesson for my level 4 class. But don’t be fooled; it could easily be modified for level 2+. And, if you’re looking for something more in the novice range? Check out the featured activities at the end of the post!

Day 1

Icebreaker Activities

One a recent survey my students asked for more icebreaker activities, so I was sure not to disappoint!

Actividad #1: Si pudieras comer una sola comida por el resto de tu vida, ¿qué sería y por qué?

  1. Provide 3 minutes think-tank time and have students write their phrases either on Google classroom on in their notebook. This is additional exposure to the language structure
  2. Have them share in groups multiple times. Virtually, I do several iterations of quick 3-minute breakout rooms
  3. Invite students to share with the whole class
  4. Tip: I ask the students in the audience to share a rejoinder as acknowledgment once their classmate has shared.

Please note for the question above, I did provide a the following sentence stem: Si yo pudiera comer una sola comida por el resto de mi vida, comería…

Actividad #2 Dos verdades y una mentira

I created two truths and a lie about my vacation. This could be adjusted for any time there is a break from school.

Dos verdades y una mentira (My three… can you guess which on is a lie?).

  1. Durante las vacaciones leí dos libros.
  2. Durante las vacaciones planifiqué mis lecciones para el Español IV.
  3. Durante las vacaciones vi dos series en Netflix.

I gave them time to write their own, and to share in Breakout Groups. As an extension activity, we had a few people share in whole group. It was really fun!

Resoluciones 2021 Let’s talk about our NY Resolutions!

We watched this video. I had them choose one of the questions they wanted to respond to beforehand, and we talked about this as a whole class (the video was a last-minute activity).

1.¿Quién es la mujer? ¿Qué le da credibilidad para hablar sobre el tema? 

2.¿Cuáles son las resoluciones que ella propone? 


  • Comer en los restaurantes saludables
  • Preparar la comida en casa 
  • Hacer actividad física 
  • Hacer liposucción 
  • Obtener una buena calidad de sueño
  • No dormir. ¡Hay que vivir!

3. Después de hacer las resoluciones, ¿qué se tiene que hacer para realizarlas? 

4. ¿Quién patrocina el anuncio? 

Hacer las propias resoluciones

Escribe una resolución y dos acciones que tienes que tomar para alcanzar (reach) esa resolución. 

  1. Quiero correr una carrera de 5k.
  2. Tengo que comprarme ropa deportiva.
  3. Tengo que empezar a correr afuera 10-15 minutos al día.

Day 2

¡Al hablar sobre las vacaciones!

This was the next day’s lesson

Task: Create a slideshow, collage, or video of your presentation. The purpose of this lesson was to talk about activities we enjoyed during winter break and to talk about those of our classmates.

I created the video with It took me about 15 minutes. This was supposed to be the input, but turned out to be a good model for them to create their own. I used this weekend chat placemat to visualize structures and see examples. You can access it here on Bethanie’s blog:

Video I created for students. I placed it on Youtube so it’s very accessible for you.

Here is the JB I created for students who choose to do write their winter break activities there.

Instruction Sheet for students. The goal of this activity was for students to write about themselves and two other classmates using the first person singular, first person plural and third person singular. Feel free to make a copy and change

New Year Activity for Novice Levels

No te metas con mis metas is a New Year goal-setting activity for level 2 or beyond. In addition to providing step-by-step goal-writing prompts, students will learn about the importance of making goals with a good dose of interesting compelling input and graphics to keep them engaged.

This is a short story written for novice level students. It gives the perspective of a girl watching two influential and inspiring tennis players. This further motivates her to reflect on what makes them great players! The story includes the following: two reflective questions, a glossary, space to illustrate and/or draw a summary, and suggestions on how you can use it in your classroom. Enjoy!

Teaching Spanish Made Easy (TPT) Catalog

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Novels and Resources by A.C. Quintero 

Novels and Resources by A.C. Quintero

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Teaching Spanish Made Easy (TPT) Catalog

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