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Diversify Your World Language Curriculum with These Resources!

Did you know that integrating Afro-Latine/Black-oriented content and contributions in your classroom curriculum is just a click away? Literally, click here to preview the beautiful array of people and stories that will inspire your students.  And there’s more good news; you don’t have to wait until Black History Month! Diversify your curriculum now and create a sense of wonder and belonging with Las voces diversas de la diáspora!

Update! We now have a total of 19 resources that can easily be integrated into your curriculum. Click here to see what’s all the buzz about!

During the first few months of the year, many teachers celebrate the independence dates. Well, why not add these strong Afro-Latinx figures to your curriculum?

YANGA (Afro-Mexicano)- Learn about his in this edition!

María Remedios del Valle (Afro-Argentine): Learn about her this this edition.

Do you talk about Guinea Ecuatorial in your curriculum? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Click here to see preview of texts.

What is Las voces diversas de la diáspora

Las voces diversas de la diáspora is a unique publication that features content amplifying the voices of Black/Afro-Latine people. We understand that teachers are busy, and need support cultivating and maintaining an equitable curriculum. We hope this will make it easier for teachers to diversify their curriculum, create a sense of balance, and bring in as many voices as possible. 


We struggled for years to compile resources that included People of Color and at the same time were uplifting and comprehensible, so we decided to do something about it!

Therefore, our goal is to make sure teachers have access to quality, compelling, relevant, and dynamic content all year round; resources that can be integrated into any unit (or used as part of your preferred reading program). Most of the articles are accompanied by activities because we know that teachers are busy people. 

We hope that you will join us in amplifying these voices in your class! We are so excited to be nurturing our twin passions while adding value to our world language community. #representationmatters

Check out our first three publications below! The first one is on us!

Las voces diversas de la diáspora edición #1 Freebie!

What’s included in this edition? There are 2 articles. Each article comes with activities. Click on the link to get a full sense of the topics and target structures. 

1. Una periodista activista

2. Échale un vistazo a Guinea Ecuatorial

Bundle up! Representation Matters, and variety is the spice of life!

You can get the first three editions in this super discounted bundle! The bundle below contains editions 1-3.

Las voces diversas de la diáspora edición #2 

This is our Spring issue and it also packs a punch. 

1. Afrocolombianidad

2. Palenque de San Basilio: Students will learn about the history and culture of this special town in Colombia

3. La champeta: Students will learn about the influential music and dance rooted in African and Caribbean rhythms that heavily influenced the culture of Colombia.

4. Rubén Bermúdez: he Afro Español social justice activist and artist who co-founded the AfroConcencia Collective in Spain

5. Juneteenth: African-American Holiday that celebrates the end of slavery in the U.S.

Las voces diversas de la diáspora edición #

1. A female Afro-Argentine soldier who fought in the independence wars

2. The Garifuna people of Central America

3. The holiday celebrations of the people of Equatorial Guinea

4. The incredible story of Yanga, the Afro-Mexican prince and freedom fighter

5. A few distinguished athletes of the Olympics (Black, Afro-Latino, and Hmong)

This edition is packed with great stories and great people worthy of admiration. Their triumphs, passions, and history-making moves will inspire your students. Use as FVR, integrate into your curriculum, or as sub plans (editable activities are included).

Get to know the creators!  

We’d also like to acknowledge our editors. Ana Andrés (Spain) and Sandra Prieto (Colombia). We have a dream team!

Novels and Resources by A.C. Quintero

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A.C. Quintero Literary Partners!

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Teaching Spanish Made Easy (TPT) Catalog

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Website: & Bundles Novels and resources by A.C. Quintero 


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