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New Book Alert: Mi mamá es una superheroína

This is the newest addition to my library. I just finished reading, and what a love story to mothers! It is told from the perspective of a young daughter who watches at all the things her mother does and subsequently surmises that she must be a superheroine, and she is right! 

The book is aesthetically pleasing with its eye-popping graphics. There is a slight range of tenses for authenticity, but it’s mostly present tense. I’d say this would be a solid level 2 novel or a level 1 Novice-mid with a bit of scaffolding. Because the novel is bilingual, English descriptions are juxtaposed with the Spanish text so comprehension will not be a problem for your students!

Below, you can check out my video on the book! I even read the first chapter in Spanish so you can get a flavor of its style.

How will I use this resource in class?

How am I using this in class? I will be doing Kindergarten read, a technique I learned from Bryce Hedstrom. It consists of reading the book to students, and asking them questions as you read. You can choose to simplify the more difficult parts or just narrate the pictures in a language that is comprehensible to them.

We will read over the course of a week or so, and I am using it for input. We are also starting a Superhero unit, so this book will be critical to that theme.

If I were in the class, this would go right on in my class library! 

Where can I get this book?



Novels and Resources by A.C. Quintero 

Novels and Resources by A.C. Quintero

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